Galaxy S24 series to feature satellite connectivity

According to leaks, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S24 series will introduce satellite connectivity, marking a new era in technology.

Galaxy S24 series to feature satellite connectivity

Recent developments in the smartphone industry suggest that Samsung is on the verge of a significant technological breakthrough with its upcoming Galaxy S24 series. Rumors and leaks have long hinted at the inclusion of satellite connectivity in these devices, and now, these speculations seem to be materializing into reality.

SamMobile recently uncovered a leak that sheds light on this advanced feature. The leak includes a screenshot, presumably from a Galaxy S24 model, which reveals a new function titled “Emergency texts via satellite.” This feature is designed to provide critical communication capabilities in scenarios where traditional mobile networks are unavailable. Samsung explains that in situations where users are out of range or disconnected from a mobile network, the device will connect to a satellite network, enabling users to send emergency texts.

The satellite connectivity in Galaxy S24 mirrors similar functionalities found in other smartphones, like iPhones, where users can send text messages along with their precise GPS location. This feature is expected to be uniform across the entire Galaxy S24 lineup, irrespective of whether the model is powered by an Exynos or Snapdragon processor.

Galaxy S24 series to feature satellite connectivity

In a related development earlier this year, Samsung unveiled a new 5G modem technology that facilitates direct communication between smartphones and satellites. This innovation is a game-changer, allowing calls, texts, and data transfers in areas devoid of cellular towers.

However, it's important to note that the availability of satellite connectivity might be limited initially. Drawing parallels with the iPhone, which offers this feature in only 17 countries currently, Samsung's satellite connectivity might also be restricted to certain regions initially, with plans for broader availability in the future.

In addition to satellite connectivity, there's also talk of an AI-driven approach in the Galaxy S24 series. Leaks suggest that the high-end S24 Ultra model could be marketed as the “Generative AI phone,” with Samsung having filed trademarks for “AI Phone” and “AI Smartphone.”

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