Samsung's app surpasses 100 million downloads

The popular Goog Lock app and its extensions from South Korean tech giant Samsung have surpassed 100 million downloads, surprising everyone.

Samsung's app surpasses 100 million downloads

Good Lock, the popular customization app for Galaxy smartphones, has achieved a new milestone with more than 100 million downloads on the Galaxy Store. This surge in popularity is a testament to the app's ability to enhance the user experience through its various modules, catering to a diverse range of customization needs.

The success of Good Lock is further exemplified by its impressive download figures. Leading the pack with 16,367,061 installs, Good Lock is closely followed by its Sound Assistant module, which has garnered 11,440,106 downloads. Other popular modules such as One Hand Operation + and Lockstart have also seen significant uptake, with 8,522,285 and 6,606,160 installs respectively. This trend continues with modules like Theme Park, Multi Star, Home Up, ClockFace, NavStar, NotiStar, and more.

Samsung's app surpasses 100 million downloads

In the last three months, the download numbers have seen a notable increase, particularly as the app's compatibility expanded across different devices. Good Lock alone accounted for 2,121,404 of these recent installs, followed by Theme Park with 1,159,608.

Geographically, the app's popularity spans various regions. Korea leads with 26,868,771 installs, followed by China with 20,443,371, and the USA with 12,194,874. India and Mexico also feature prominently in the download statistics, securing the fourth and fifth positions with 7,061,864 and 2,782,314 installs, respectively.

The popularity of Good Lock modules varies by country. In Southeast Asia, countries like Thailand and Indonesia have shown a high uptake of downloads in the past few months. The expansion of compatibility has led to widespread use of these modules in China, Korea, India, and the USA, with European nations like the UK and Germany also contributing to the growing demand.

In Korea, users have shown a preference for modules like Sound Assistant and QuickStart, which enhance user convenience. Chinese users display a balanced interest across all modules, while in India, there's a particular fondness for customization apps like ThemePark and LockStart HomeUp. Looking ahead, the Good Lock App is set to introduce new features in the coming weeks.