Shocking allegations from Xiaomi users towards the brand!

Users of Xiaomi, one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, started voicing some quite intriguing claims.

Shocking allegations from Xiaomi users towards the brand!

A contentious claim has emerged from some Xiaomi smartphone users. They allege that their devices are infested with a malware dubbed "Mintnav," which purportedly compromises the Chrome browser. The inception of this malware on Xiaomi devices remains enigmatic, as there hasn't been concrete information regarding its potential effects.

One of the initial reports about this came from a concerned user on Reddit who stated they had observed the Google Chrome home page on their Xiaomi phones replaced by a site named “Mintnav”. This user cautioned others, suggesting the possibility of the site being a scam, and referenced recurring issues they had experienced with Xiaomi in the past.

This revelation has since spiraled, with numerous users on various platforms, including Twitter, echoing the same concerns. Some even went as far as involving India’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, seeking intervention.

Shocking allegations from Xiaomi users towards the brand!

Attempts to unravel more about this alleged malware have not been particularly fruitful. A website dedicated to tutorials and guides, however, has categorized “Mintnav” as a browser hijacker application. Though it might not cause substantial direct damage, it's described as potentially causing significant disruptions and nuisances during regular web usage.

The root cause or entry point of this program remains uncertain. There haven't been any reported instances of Mintnav affecting other brands, which raises questions about Xiaomi's potential involvement. Some speculate that this malware might have wormed its way onto Xiaomi smartphones following a recent update.

For users grappling with this issue on their Chrome browsers, a potential solution involves navigating to Chrome settings, specifically the “Homepage” section, and either disabling the given option or reverting to Chrome's default homepage.