China and its population problem: Where do we stand now?

China had a population problem for a long time and things are not going very well for the country. Here are all the details.

China and its population problem: Where do we stand now?
China and its population problem is growing according to the media

According to the UN Population Fund's (UNFPA) World Population Report, India's population will be nearly three million more than China's by mid-2023. The modeling indicates that India's population will be 1 billion 428 million 600 thousand against China's 1 billion 425 million 700 thousand population by the middle of the year. This report brought up the questions regarding China's population problem.

China and its population problem


Western media shows China's development as "big trouble" and explains how it will be a problem for global economy. Such deceptions lack a basic understanding of the law of population development. Today, with the development of human society, the decrease in the birth rate and the decrease in the desire to have children are common problems facing the whole world.

We have basically used all world's sources and came to a very close end. Huge population affects many things when it comes to our world, and the consequences show themselves as water shortage and everything. Global warming is a huge threat and how Western Media shows China's population as a bad thing also affects how the world sees China.