Chinese warship to show 'unsafe interaction' near Taiwan

The tension between China and Taiwan has been growing up for a while and now US navy has seen some unsafe interactions.

Chinese warship to show 'unsafe interaction' near Taiwan
Chinese warship shows some unsafe communication near Taiwan

The U.S. Naval force has delivered a video of what it called an "dangerous communication" in the Taiwan Waterway, in which a Chinese warship crossed before a U.S. The tesnsion between two countries has been growing up for a while.

Tension between China and Taiwan grows as a warship shows some "unsafe communication"

The experience comes as the two nations have exchanged fault for not holding military discussions - with conflicts between the two over all that from exchange and Taiwan to Russia's attack of Ukraine - and raises the chance of future face-offs that could twisting wild. 

According to the U.S. military, the destroyer USS Chung-Hoon; On Saturday, the Chinese ship cut in front of the U.S. ship, coming within 150 yards (137 meters), as the Canadian frigate HSMC Montreal was making a "routine" crossing of the strait.

The Chinese warship gets near Taiwan

The video, which was made public by the U.S. Navy late on Sunday, clearly shows a Chinese warship crossing the Chung-Hoon's path in calm waters. The Chung-Hoon doesn't take an alternate route. A voice can be heard in English, clearly sending a radio message to the Chinese boat, cautioning against "endeavors to restrict opportunity of route."