Dangers of AI: AI was used for kidnapping

As artificial intelligence gets better the affects of it also change. AI was used for kidnapping now.

Dangers of AI: AI was used for kidnapping
AI was used for fake kidnapping

Artificial intelligence gets better and better everyday yet the affects of it becomes worse too. AI can change many things in our life but not always in a good way. Recently AI was used in kidnapping. One mother said she "100 percent" believes the AI-generated copy of her daughter's voice, which scammers used in a fake kidnapping attempt.

Scammers used AI for fake kidnapping


Jennifer DeStefano, from Arizona, picked up the phone from an unknown number and heard "sobbing" from what she believed to be her 15-year-old daughter, Brie.  "It was 100 percent his voice," DeStefano said. "I never thought about who this is. It was all her voice, her tone, the way she cried; I didn't doubt for a second that it was him. That was the weird part that really struck me."

Scammers asked for money from the mother which shook the woman really hard. This situation also raised some questions regarding how AI affects our lives. It can create wonders and also cause bad things as well. The results can be scary and in the future what AI can do is limitless.