Deepfake has gotten out of control: What to do about it?

Technology has gotten out of control. DeepFake is in our lives and it makes it so easy to mistake what is real and what is not.

Deepfake has gotten out of control: What to do about it?
Deepfake gets spread everywhere

According to experts, deepfake is also the most dangerous artificial intelligence crime of the future. For example, University College London's 2020 deepfake report contains important information about the risks posed by this technology in the future. Deepfake is getting extremely out of control these days. Internet is blown with images of Papa wearing a white coat or Trump getting arrested.

How to understand if it is deepfake or not?

According to the authors, deepfakes are one of these methods because they are very difficult to detect. There are certain points where deepfake has been handled in the context of crime so far. The first of these is to produce fake porn, as seen in the example of Scarlett Johansson. It is also known that people whose faces are used are blackmailed through them. Recently we have seen some fake kidnapping news. A woman got some blackmails from those who claim to kidnap their daughter and it turned to be fake. 

Technological developments also create some security problems for modern world as well.  Another is to defraud people through investment advice using the faces of famous names.