How will AI change the future?

Artificial intelligence has started to show its effect in our daily lives and it looks like it's not going to stop. Here are all the details.

How will AI change the future?
AI will have a huge impact in future

Artificial intelligence, which is the subject of science fiction movies is increasingly taking over our daily lives. From the food we eat to the way we do our jobs, many things are being reshaped with the inclusion of artificial intelligence in our lives. Although artificial intelligence makes everything easier it also has many bad sides too.

Artificial Intelligence became more active in daily life

AI has the power to change the future

After ChatGPT is introduced artificial intelligence became much more active in our lives at a point where people start to their essays and studies with that. After ChatGPT was introduced concerns regarding artificial intelligence started to grow. Especially when ChatGPT tried to hack a computer, how AI can effect our lives became a main concern for some.

Some people believe certain types of work field will not require human anymore. Even now there are some hotels in Japan where every worker is AI. Education will be highly affected by AI as well. In the future AI has the potential to transform both offline and online learning. Robot tutors will be used in the classroom in the future to support teachers and improve the standard of instruction. For instance, the AI tutor will promptly notify the teacher if they unintentionally pass over a crucial idea. Home robots is also another subject. In future we will have more home robots having effect in our daily lives. These robots are not very intelligent in their present state. Additionally, they have restricted talents, yet this situation will also change in the future.