Men who drink cola beware: Your testicles may enlarge

A recent study has found out something quite interesting, especially for men. Study finds cola might enlarge the testicles.

Men who drink cola beware: Your testicles may enlarge
Study finds cola can boost men's hormones.

A study has been revealed some news that will can some men happy. According to a study conducted in China, the sexual life of men who drink cola may change. Coke has been discovered to have a testosterone-boosting property on men. The study doesn't just stop there, it seems men who drink cola might have bigger testicles too.

Cola might enlarge testicles of men

coca cola can give you bigger testicles

In order to conduct the study, three groups of mice were formed in. In the first group of 30 mice, 15 mice were given Coca-Cola, and the other 15 mice were given Coca-Cola mixed with water. In the second group, 15 of 30 mice were given plain Pepsi and the other 15 were given Pepsi mixed with water. The rats in the third group were given only water. While measuring the weight of the testicles of the mice during the 15-day period, the blood values ​​of the animals were also checked.

Accordingly, rats that drank Coca Cola and Pepsi had increased testosterone levels compared to rats who drank only water or Coca Cola and Pepsi mixed with water.

If you think that cola can be beneficial, let us also mention that it is extremely harmful to health.