This robot can clean your room and even do your laundry!

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter and smarter every day. This robot will help you a lot with your duities. Here are all the details.

This robot can clean your room and even do your laundry!
A robot to help tidy your home

Use of artificial intelligence has been growing up a lot in these days. A group of researchers has developed a new robot that can help you clean your room and do your laundry. This robot will help you finish your stuff to do at home much more faster than before.

A robot to tidy your home is here

This robot will save you from your tasks

Researchers working at different universities such as Princeton and Colombia shared their new robot suitable for daily cleaning: Tidy Bot. According to the team's article, the device can effectively pick up items from the ground and place them where they belong after certain commands are given. This is such an easy task but can be hard for modern human. We have so many things to do in a day and too much stress. In modern world we have no tolerance to put things back where they belong, that's why we have robots!

Some of the commands entered were: "yellow shirts in the drawer, dark shirts in the closet, and white socks in the drawer". From this, the LLMs summarized these specific examples: "light-colored clothing in the drawer, dark-colored clothing in the closet". The robot performed the tasks very successfully which can make our life much more easier.