Touristic Island is actually turns out to be a volcano!

A touristic island turned out to be a volcano. It is believed to be an ancient volcano that is still active today.

Touristic Island is actually turns out to be a volcano!
Touristic place turns out to be a volcano

Many touristic places might turn out to be actually dangerous. One example is also Greece's island. Many people are aware that the unique beauty of Santorini, one of Greece's most popular tourist destinations, was caused by the eruption of an ancient volcano that is still active to this day, as scientists remind us.

Touristic Island is actually a volcano


Researchers who are studying the volcano said in a CNN profile that even though it hasn't erupted in hundreds of years, it is not dead.  Tim Druitt, volcanologist and expedition co-chief of the deep drilling research vessel JOIDES Resolution, who visited Santorini for the first time late last year, told CNN, "If we start seeing increased activity in Kolumbo then we need to be alert."

The Island is naturally a touristic place, receiving many people coming from all around the world. Fit for penetrating up to 26,000 feet beneath the outer layer of the Aegean Ocean, the specialists gathered silt that hadn't yet been uncovered as they endeavored to sort out the district's celebrated volcanic history deductively. It was about 10 years ago that activity on the volcano was observed, which caused some concern. However, it reduces activity.