iOS support for Xiaomi Band 8

Xiaomi's Smart Band 8 NFC model now more functional for iOS users with a battery widget update.

iOS support for Xiaomi Band 8

Xiaomi, known for its innovative technology, has recently introduced the Smart Band 8 in China, and is now expanding its reach to the global market. This launch is accompanied by a commitment from Xiaomi to enhance the user experience for Smart Band 8 Pro users through the release of a new update. This update brings several additional features, specifically targeting the NFC model of the Smart Band 8 in China.

One of the notable features of this update is the automatic pause and start functionality for the Cycling mode, designed to streamline workouts. Additionally, the Smart Band 8 now includes an iOS battery widget, which allows users to view their iPhone’s battery level directly on the Smart Band’s home screen. While the update also includes some bug fixes, the specifics of these improvements have not been extensively detailed by the brand.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 itself is a testament to modern design and functionality. It sports a pill-shaped design with a 1.6-inch AMOLED display. The display features a 60Hz refresh rate, 600 nits peak brightness, and an Always On Display (AOD) mode, along with a variety of watch faces to suit different styles and preferences.

iOS support for Xiaomi Band 8

In addition to its design, the Band 8 is equipped with innovative features for enhanced user experience. It includes a pebble clip mode, which can be secured to a shoelace for improved tracking during running activities. The band is compatible with different size lugs, accommodating various strap types including leather, woven leather, hollow bracelet, and TPU. This versatility allows users to customize the band to match their personal style.

The functionality of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 extends beyond the basics with a heart-rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, and menstrual cycle monitor. It also measures stress levels, VO2 Max, and introduces a vitality metric. This metric assesses activity levels over a 7-day period and provides a score out of 100, with support for over 150 sports modes.

For entertainment and convenience, the Smart Band 8 includes built-in games such as Sudoku and 2048. It also offers practical features like notifications and weather updates. The device boasts a long battery life, lasting up to 16 days on a single charge with AOD disabled, and can be fully charged in about 60 minutes.