TikTok finally Introduces expected features

TikTok has finally introduced new search widgets for smartphones. Here are all the details.

TikTok finally Introduces expected features
TikTok to offer expected widgets

TikTok is one of the most used social media applications in the market. Ever since it was introduced the application has basically won online word. Introducing short video format, TikTok has been a leader in the market, leading Instagram and YouTube to have their own short formats. The application has been getting better with every feature they offer and now we have another expected feature here.

TikTok to introduce new features


With the new TikTok search widget, iPhone users can now enhance their TikTok experience. Users can conveniently access TikTok's search features by integrating this widget into their home screens, expanding the platform's utility beyond entertainment and social interaction. TikTok search widget and a variety of other TikTok widgets designed to improve the user experience are also available to Android users. According to a report published by the regulatory body Ofcom, TikTok's influence extends beyond entertainment as it emerges as a growing source of news among adults in the UK.

The application despite the pressure from US and all has always continued to grow. This finding raises worries among legislators, especially considering late claims that TikTok has been taken advantage of as a publicity outlet by the Chinese Socialist Faction.