Twitter faces another lawsuit

Twitter has been going under so many changes and problems and not they are faced with another lawsuit.

Twitter faces another lawsuit
Twitter faces new lawsuit

Ever since Elon Musk has bought Twitter things have been going down for the company and now there are different types of lawsuits regarding the company. Twitter's parent company X Corp has been dealing with sues.

Twitter faces another lawsuit

Twitter has faced some lawsuits

Twitter faces another lawsuit - Image 2

People related to the lawsuit were described as "unknown persons or entities" in the lawsuit, which only mentioned their IP addresses. The lawsuit accused them of flooding Twitter with automated requests far exceeding "what any single individual could send to a server in a given period" aimed at scraping data.

In a response to a tweet about the lawsuit, Elon Musk said these entities tried to scrape the entirety of Twitter in a short period of time and blamed them for the rate limits the website implemented earlier this month.