Twitter introduces new features for its paid subscribers

After changing its name to X, Twitter now takes a significant step for its paid subscribers.

Twitter introduces new features for its paid subscribers

There's a notable shift occurring in the digital realm as the widely recognized social platform, formerly known as Twitter, undergoes a series of significant changes. These transformations began shortly after being acquired by Elon Musk, who has since rebranded the platform as "X." This renaming decision has sparked discussions, considering it arguably sidelines two decades of brand building and reputation. While Musk has been at the receiving end of a steady stream of criticisms, his determination remains unwavering. However, it's worth noting that not every decision he's made has been controversial. Among the updates is a new feature for paid users, the "Highlights" tab.

Originally, Twitter had introduced a subscription-based model called Blue, which is now recognized as X Premium. Subscribers of this service enjoy a range of perks, such as increased ad content, the coveted ability to edit tweets, and a portion of the platform's ad revenue. To add to this list, X Premium users can now use the "Highlights" tab, designed to spotlight their top tweets. While Twitter has always been a space where fresh content gets attention, there's been a longstanding desire among users to emphasize their pivotal or trending tweets.

A few years back, the introduction of "pinned tweets" allowed any tweet, regardless of its timestamp, to be displayed prominently at the top of a user's profile. Yet, for many, this was just a partial solution. The "Highlights" tab appears to address this gap, offering a space where paid members can curate and present their standout posts. This feature is especially beneficial for creatives like artists, writers, and journalists, or anyone looking to shed light on a special topic or event. Implementation is user-friendly; members simply tap on the three-dot menu on a tweet and choose "Add to Highlights", deciding its placement within the tab. Alongside this, X's decision to make TweetDeck accessible solely to subscribers demonstrates a continued push to incentivize its premium service.