ChatGPT creator: "AI can not be stopped now"

Ever since ChatGPT has been introduced many arguments have started online and it looks like they will continue a little while longer.

ChatGPT creator: "AI can not be stopped now"
It is too late to stop AI right now

ChatGPT has come into our lives and has created so much problems including security and privacy. The most debated AI's cretor has stated that it is too late to stop AI now.  OpenAI, the artificial intelligence firm behind ChatGPT, has warned that the advent of artificial intelligence that transcends humans is inevitable.

ChatGPT creator says AI can not be stopped now

ChatGPT creator: "AI can not be stopped now"

While philosophers and academics have theorized for decades on artificial general intelligence, also known as super intelligence, OpenAI's senior officials have warned that rapid advances in recent years mean we may now be on the brink of it. In a blog post published Wednesday, OpenAI's Sam Altman, Greg Brockman and Ilya Sutskever said the power of AI superintelligence will be unmatched, both positively and negatively.

"Given the picture we see now, it is conceivable that within the next ten years AI systems will surpass the skill level of experts in most areas and will operate as productively as one of today's largest companies," the article said. In terms of both potential pros and cons, super intelligence will be more powerful than any other technology humanity has had to contend with in the past.