First ChatGPT arrest took place in China

ChatGPT has been growing ever since it was launched and now first arrest also took place. Here are the details.

First ChatGPT arrest took place in China
ChatGPT resulted in an arrest

ChatGPT has opened so many gates for so many things. You can basically create fake news, fake articles or even write a novel. Concerns were getting bigger and bigger regarding the chatbox and now the first arrest also took place. Chinese authorities have detained a person who used ChatGPT to produce and share fabricated accident reports.

ChatGPT has been a huge concern

chatgpt arrest

It was claimed that the suspect, known by the surname "Hong", used an artificial intelligence tool to write an article claiming that there was a train accident in a local area and 9 people lost their lives. China is strict about technological things, even TikTok has its limitations in the country.

The ChatGPT article was shared by more than 20 accounts on the blog application of Chinese technology giant Baidu, Baijahao, and was viewed more than 15 thousand times before it was noticed by the authorities, then some questions started to take place.

Hong is accused of disrupting public order and spreading false news online. In China, these crimes are met with a maximum prison sentence of 5 years. However, for serious crimes, this penalty can be up to 10 years.