Microsoft empowers users with AI review summaries in Store apps

Microsoft revolutionizes the app browsing experience by empowering users with AI-generated review summaries in Store apps.

Microsoft empowers users with AI review summaries in Store apps
A new AI feature from Microsoft. (Image: Reuters)

During the Microsoft Build 2023 conference held in Seattle, Microsoft took center stage and unveiled a series of captivating updates for the Microsoft Store, solidifying their dedication to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for enriching user experiences. Among the remarkable enhancements showcased, one standout feature is the introduction of AI-generated review summaries.

This groundbreaking addition aims to streamline the app research and selection process by providing concise and informative summaries derived from user reviews. With this innovation, Microsoft aims to empower users with valuable insights and facilitate informed decision-making when exploring the vast array of apps available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft empowers users with AI review summaries in Store apps

During the Microsoft Build 2023 conference, Microsoft revealed its plans to enhance the Microsoft Store through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). One of the major updates includes AI-generated review summaries, which will provide users with a concise overview of app reviews, simplifying the research process.

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The recently introduced feature aims to simplify the app browsing experience for Microsoft Store users by providing a convenient way to grasp the overall sentiments expressed in app reviews, eliminating the need to manually navigate through an extensive volume of feedback.

Microsoft also introduced the AI Hub, a dedicated section within the store that showcases the best AI-centric apps developed by the Microsoft community and external developers. Additionally, the Partner Center will now support AI-generated keywords, improving app discoverability for developers.

Moreover, Microsoft announced changes to the Store Ads policy, allowing developers to display ads for their apps on Bing search and expanding the Microsoft Store Ads program to reach a wider audience globally. These updates demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to leveraging AI to enhance the user experience and support developers in the Microsoft Store ecosystem.