Oppo ColorOS 14 launch date announced

Oppo has officially announced that the launch of ColorOS 14 is scheduled for November 16, marking an exciting development for Oppo users and enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the latest software update.

Oppo ColorOS 14 launch date announced
Oppo ColorOS 14 launch date announced.

The stable version of Android 14 made its debut last week, albeit a bit later than previous Android releases. Following its official launch, several partner OEMs unveiled their update plans, with some even commencing the rollout of the update to eligible devices.

Oppo ColorOS 14 launch date announced

Notably, Oppo was the first partner OEM to initiate Android 13 beta programs for its devices last year. However, this year, despite running beta programs for a larger number of devices, none of them have received a stable Android 14 release just yet.

The reason for Oppo's delayed rollout has now come to light. Oppo has announced that it will officially unveil ColorOS 14 on November 16 at the Oppo Developer Conference. This announcement was made by the company earlier today.

In addition to the ColorOS 14 unveiling, Oppo has also revealed its beta program schedule for its older premium and mid-range devices. All of these devices are expected to be part of the beta program by December, indicating that Oppo is gearing up to bring the latest Android 14 experience to a wide range of its products in the coming months.