Samsung's rival for ChatGPT will stir things up

South Korean tech giant Samsung has rolled up its sleeves to offer a ChatGPT rival. Here are all the details.

Samsung's rival for ChatGPT will stir things up
Samsung has been preparing a ChatGPT rival

Ever since ChatGPT has been released there have been so many rivals for it and now Samsung also has rolled up its sleeves to offer a rival. Samsung, is set to rebuild its professional workplace with a high level generative man-made intelligence stage only intended for in-house use. This move is in response to a recent incident in which third-party AI tools were used to leak sensitive information. 

Samsung to offer its ChatGPT rival


ChatGPT has created many privacy concerns, including data leaks and all, Samsung with its new chatbox aims to cover all these problems. Samsung is taking proactive measures to safeguard its proprietary data and intellectual property after recognizing the potential dangers posed by external AI platforms. 

This AI platform will remain on Samsung's secure servers, safeguarding proprietary code and confidential semiconductor-related information from unauthorized access. Samsung can use the power of generative AI without compromising security or risking unintended leaks into the public cloud by sharing specific semiconductor data with Naver.

The platform's improved comprehension of Korean is one notable advantage of this collaboration. Samsung wants to give its employees a seamless and easy-to-use user experience by tailoring the AI chatbot to understand and respond to Korean more accurately than any other generative AI tool.