WhatsApp is taking security measures to the next level

The world's most popular messaging service WhatsApp is adding another update to its recent security-focused improvements.

WhatsApp is taking security measures to the next level

WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy feature that enhances user confidentiality during calls. Traditionally, calls made through WhatsApp were set up as direct connections between users. While this method provided excellent voice quality, it required revealing IP addresses between devices involved in the call.

Understanding the potential privacy risks this posed, WhatsApp has innovated a solution that maintains the integrity of personal privacy. The app now funnels calls through its servers, concealing users' IP addresses from one another and adding an extra layer of privacy to its service.

This modification does not compromise the security of the calls, as WhatsApp continues to provide end-to-end encryption. This ensures that conversations remain private, with the encryption preventing even WhatsApp from having the ability to listen in.

WhatsApp is taking security measures to the next level

It's noteworthy that while call quality might be slightly affected by this new setting, the trade-off for enhanced privacy may be considered worthwhile by users who prioritize confidentiality. For those who opt for this option, setting it up is straightforward:

Ensure that your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version.
Open the app and go to the Settings menu.
From there, navigate to Privacy and then to Advanced.

You'll find the option to 'Protect IP address in calls'—simply toggle this on to activate the feature.
As an additional point of clarification, it's worth mentioning that group calls are already protected, as they inherently route through WhatsApp servers, making the new privacy feature a default aspect of group call functionality.