Has Atomic Heart surpassed publisher's expectations?

Atomic Heart surpassed the commercial expectations set by Focus Entertainment, the game's publisher.

Has Atomic Heart surpassed publisher's expectations?
Atomic Heart is not a failure, it is a success. (Photo: Focus Entertainment)

Atomic Heart, with its distinctive gameplay concepts and captivating setting, quickly garnered interest among gaming audiences. Despite receiving mixed critical reception post-release, the game has proven to be a major financial success.

Atomic Heart is a success against the 'initial low-hype'

According to Focus Entertainment's latest financial report, the publisher has achieved record-breaking revenues, with Atomic Heart surpassing expectations and contributing significantly to the company's success.

The publisher's revenue has increased by 36.2% thanks to the success of recent game releases, including Atomic Heart.

Microsoft's popular subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, made Atomic Heart accessible to a wider audience, including Xbox and PC users, at an affordable price, resulting in increased player engagement.

Atomic Heart
The revenue generated by Atomic Heart surpassed Focus Entertainment's previous record of 194.1 million euros. (Image: Focus Entertainment)

According to the CEO of Mundfish, the developer of Atomic Heart, the game has already been played by over 5 million players within just three weeks of its launch, marking a significant achievement for their debut release.

Furthermore, there are reports indicating that Mundfish is already working on a sequel to the game, and DLC (Downloadable Content) is also in development, promising more content and updates for the fans of Atomic Heart.