Say goodbye to these 8 games on Xbox Game Pass this March 15th

Xbox Game Pass members will soon no longer have access to eight games on both console and PC platforms. However, a discount will be available for these games before they are removed.

Say goodbye to these 8 games on Xbox Game Pass this March 15th
The Xbox Game Pass is set to lose eight games on March 15th. (Sam Pak/Unsplash)

Gamers seem to really like Xbox Game Pass. For a monthly subscription fee, it provides access to a large library of games, which many players consider to be excellent value. Also, it frequently incorporates new sets free from significant distributors, as well as independent games and exemplary titles.

However, it is well known that Game Pass does remove games periodically. The games available on the service rotate in and out, with some being added and others being removed each month.

Xbox Game Pass to remove these 8 games on March 15th, including a Marvel game

As reported by Gamespot, on March 15th, a total of eight games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass, which includes F1 2020, Goat Simulator, Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Paradise Killer, Undertale, and Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. These games will no longer be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers after that date.

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass logo. (Microsoft)

It's worth noting that Xbox Game Pass subscribers can take advantage of the standard discount of approximately 20% on any of the eight games that are set to be removed.

Keep it in mind that in addition to the library of games that is available on a continuous basis, new games are added to the service each month. This means that users can always look forward to new titles to play and enjoy.