Canon unveils stylish lamp and Bluetooth speaker

Canon introduces a new Bluetooth speaker lamp designed exclusively for the Chinese market, offering both lighting and music enjoyment.

Canon unveils stylish lamp and Bluetooth speaker

Canon, a renowned camera manufacturer, has recently launched an innovative product in China that combines both audio and lighting functionalities. This new product, named the Canon Light Speaker, is a two-in-one gadget that caters to both audio and lighting needs in a sleek and functional design.

The Canon Light Speaker is crafted to resemble a traditional lamp, with the speaker compartment situated below and the lighting segment positioned at the top. This design allows it to be used primarily for lighting, while also providing high-quality audio output. The speaker's top features an LED light, which is DC-controlled and can swivel in different directions, offering flexible lighting options.

In terms of lighting capabilities, the Canon Light Speaker offers two options: white or warm light. Additionally, it supports three-level dimming options - weak, medium, and strong - allowing users to adjust the lighting according to their preferences and the requirements of different scenarios.

Canon unveils stylish lamp and Bluetooth speaker

The audio performance of this device is equally impressive. The full-range speaker is capable of delivering sound across the entire frequency range, including low, medium, and high frequencies. The presence of a passive radiator at the bottom of the light speaker enhances the bass output, while the cylindrical aluminum body helps in noise suppression and provides 360-degree sound diffusion.

For connectivity, the Canon Light Speaker can be paired with an input device via Bluetooth. It boasts a battery life of about 5 hours and can be conveniently recharged using a USB-C cable. The design of the lamp, arm, and body is highly adjustable, allowing for easy manipulation of the lighting angle with one hand. The free stop structure of the speaker ensures that it can be securely positioned within its movable range.

Currently, the Canon Light Speaker is available in China for 2,680 yuan (approximately $374). As of now, there is no indication from Canon regarding the availability of this new light speaker in other markets or its potential pricing outside of China. The product can be purchased from various e-commerce platforms in China.