Retroid Pocket 2S Metal Edition handheld coming soon

The release of the Retroid Pocket 2S Metal Edition handheld is imminent.

Retroid Pocket 2S Metal Edition handheld coming soon

In a surprise move, Retroid has unveiled a teaser for the Pocket 2S Gunmetal Edition, featuring a sleek metal housing that retains the standard model's specifications. The original Retroid Pocket 2S gaming handheld made its debut in July earlier this year.

Retroid Metal Edition handheld coming soon

The Retroid Pocket 2S compact gaming handheld initially came in six color variants, and this new metal edition adds another enticing option to the lineup. The design of the Pocket 2S takes inspiration from the classic Nintendo models. Currently, third-party resellers are offering metal custom shells for the Pocket 2S, setting the stage for the forthcoming Retroid Pocket 2S Metal Edition, likely to be available in a sophisticated grey colorway.

The Retroid Pocket 2S offers a nostalgic retro-gaming experience within a compact, handheld device. The trajectory of this new variant appears to mirror that of the Pocket 3 Plus Metal Edition. Speculation surrounds the pricing, with expectations of a starting price of $129 for the 3GB/32GB RAM/storage configuration, while the 4GB/128GB model may come in at approximately $149. Notably, the official release date for the Retroid Pocket 2S Metal Edition remains undisclosed at this time.

It's important to note that there is already a variety of third-party metal shells available for the Retroid Pocket 2S, offering more color choices than the original release. As for potential differences between the Pocket 2S and the Pocket 2S Metal Edition, it remains to be seen and will be clarified upon the official release, although no specific launch date has been announced yet.