Here's the most used operating system in the Android world!

Which version of the operating system do you think is the most used in the Android world? Recent research managed to provide a clear answer.

Here's the most used operating system in the Android world!

Android remains the dominant operating system globally, powering billions of devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to sophisticated cafe automation systems. One unique trait of Android, in contrast to Apple’s iOS, is its fragmentation across various versions. As of now, nearly 11% of devices still operate on Android 9. This is mainly attributed to the disparities in update protocols across manufacturers. However, there is a silver lining as recent figures suggest improvement in this sector. Notably, Android 13 has become the most used version of the platform.

In the realm of software updates, many Android device makers have historically lagged behind. With a multitude of phones produced by a myriad of manufacturers, standardizing updates has been a challenge. However, recent collaboration between Google and these manufacturers has aimed to address this persistent concern. Insights from Google's updated Android distribution statistics shed light on the positive strides the industry has made.

Here's the most used operating system in the Android world!

According to these statistics, Android 13's popularity has soared, capturing the top spot. Since the last update in May, its market share has grown from 15% to 22.4%. Remarkably, this isn't only attributed to new device sales but also to updates on existing devices. Android 12 now occupies the second position, slightly dropping from 16.3% to 15.8%. Android 11, once the darling of many devices, also witnessed a reduction from 23.1% to 21.6%.

One of Android's perennial issues is its updating mechanism. Many older devices remain operational for extended periods without the latest software. This not only leads to user dissatisfaction but can also pose potential security threats. To provide a clearer perspective, here are the distribution statistics for other versions:

Android 13: 15% -> 22.4%
Android 12: 16.3% -> 15.8%
Android 11: 23.1% -> 21.6%
Android 10: 17.8% -> 16.1%
Android 9: 11.9% -> 10.5%
Android 8.1: 6.1% -> 5.4%
Android 8: 2.2% -> 1.9%
Android 7.1 and 7: Both from 1.5% -> 1.3%
Android 6: 2.3% -> 1.9%
Android 5.1: 1.5% -> 1.2%
Android 5: 0.3% -> 0.2%
Android 4.4: 0.5% -> 0.4%