A patient who refused tuberculosis treatment got arrested

A patient who decided to not receive tuberculosis treatment got arrested instead. Here are all the details.

A patient who refused tuberculosis treatment got arrested
A man who refused the treatment is arrested

Although tuberculosis is no longer a disease as dangerous as it was in the past, it still carries life-threatening risks. There is now a treatment available for this disease, which was full of uncertainties and the necessary medical developments were not provided about its treatment in the past. A patient who avoided treatment was arrested.

An arrest warrant was issued for the patient who refused TB treatment in the USA

A man who denied the treatment is put in a cell

In the statement made by the Tacoma-Pierce County health department on March 3, it was stated that the patient should be taken to Pierce County Prison and treated by quarantining in the special facility there. Nigel Turner, spokesperson for the health unit, said: "In these situations, we try to balance the patient's freedom with the risks to public health. We hope that the patient will choose the best option voluntarily."

This situation has made human rights a subject of discussion from different aspects. It is not known why the patient refused to take the treatment for the disease but the result is one of a kind. It was stated that the patient could not be persuaded to receive treatment for about a year and he appeared before the court 16 times in this process.