‘Alcoholic’ dog got treated for addiction

Alcoholic dog got treated for its problem. As cute as it may sound, he was addicted to alchohol.

‘Alcoholic’ dog got treated for addiction
Alcoholic dog receives treatment

Dogs are the cutests creators of all times yet sometimes they can be too silly. In that case a dog was addicted to alchohol and got treated for that. In the UK, the Woodside Animal Rescue Trust has announced that they have received treatment for an alcohol-hunting dog. On April 4, the marriage foundation reported that the animal named Coco is in the process of recovery on its way out.

Alcoholic dog got treatment for its problem

alcoholic dog

The foundation made the following statements in its statement: "Coco's illness lasted severely. He needed care around the clock. The symptoms he was suffering from were indicative of alcohol withdrawal. He spent 4 weeks on sedatives to lower the risk of further seizures and calm his withdrawal symptoms."

As cute as it might sound it was actually a serious problem for the dog. Foundation staff said that two-year-old Coco was no longer on medication and was "starting to behave like a normal dog". However, the dog continues to experience anxiety from time to time. In recent years there was a product for dogs which enables them to drink beer. It containes zero alcohol and usually owners buy it to spend time with their dog.