An unexpected Guinness Record took place

Another surprising Guinness Record took place as a woman broke the record with her Afro hair.

An unexpected Guinness Record took place

We had a Guinness Record owner for Afro hair before yet the crown has changed. Aevin Dugas, the owner of the largest afro hair in the world has broken the record. According to the Guinness World Records statement, Dugas' hair is 25 centimeters long and 26 centimeters wide. The diameter of the hair was 165 centimeters.

Another Guinness World record took place

The first record owner for afro hair was determined in 2010. After that time many things happened yet no afro hair record has been reported, until now. The 47-year-old woman told Guinness World Records that she researched records for longest straight hair when she was younger. Stating that he accepted his afro hair in his 20s, Dugas said that when he opened his hair outside, he received very different reactions:

Some say something with admiration, some stare, some come up to me and ask questions. Some people come and pull my hair. Dugas gives hairstyling tips to his nearly 48k followers on his TikTok account. Having so many followers on TikTok, we can easily say that she is also an influencer.