How will sex be like in the space? Questions of the future

Space has always been a matter of subject for human kind and how will sex be in the space is also a matter of curiosity.

How will sex be like in the space? Questions of the future
How sill sex be like in the space?

Going to space and living in space has always been one of the subjects that people wondered about. Now, with the increasing studies, life on space comes to the fore more. So what will our life be like in space, especially how will the sex in space be?

How will sex shape in the space?


The article entitled "Sex in space: Evaluation of uncontrolled human pregnancy in emerging space tourism" was co-authored by scientists such as David Cullen, Matthew Hudnall and Sheela Ali. Pointing out that progress is being made in space tourism with each passing day, experts emphasized that people can participate in trips for days or even weeks within 10 years.

Scientists argued that it was "inevitable" for some space tourists to have sex. It was also stated that if space is colonized, it is necessary to focus on sex in space for the continuation of humanity. 

The paper's lead author, astrobiologist David Cullen, said: We started with a casual saying about sex in space. But when we checked, we were surprised that the industry didn't take risks into account. This paved the way for the work.