Japan introduces: Here is Pokemon jets!

New Pokemon Jet from Japan's largest airline is here. Here are all the details.

Japan introduces: Here is Pokemon jets!
Japan offers Pokemon jet

Pokemon is one of the classic animes we can find that is known all over the world. The series has fans from seven years old to seventy years old, in that sense we can say that it never grows old and Japan knows that. 

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Japan offers Pokemon Jet

Japan-based airline company All Nippon Airlines (ANA) introduced its new Pokemon-themed aircraft. The design of the new aircraft, which started flights on June 4, was inspired by Pikachu, the most famous character in the Pokemon world.

You can fly with Pokemon jet now


It basically offers what an anime lover can dream of.  The inside of the 246-seat aircraft is filled with the Pokemon universe, just like the outside. Seats, glasses and veils are adorned with Pikachu. Flight attendants also dress according to the theme.


Junko Yazawa, Vice President of ANA, said: "As part of connecting the world with miracles, ANA is committed to creating unique and unforgettable experiences for our passengers. The Pikachu Jet NH flight is a testament to the determination to explore endless possibilities." Japan is known for their custom restaurants, cafes and even hotels and now they added a flight to the line.