Lottery bug revealed: A family won 3 times with these numbers

Using the same numbers three times, a Massachusetts family won three separate $100,000 lottery prizes. Here are all the details.

Lottery bug revealed: A family won 3 times with these numbers
A family has won lottery 3 times

Winning a lottery is all we want at some point in our lives and a family has done it 3 times with same numbers. Even the family themselves got confused about how they won three times over with the same numbers. When Massachusetts resident Tricia Johnson won $100,000 in the state's Keno lottery, she was stunned. She told CBS Boston, "I thought someone was playing games with me."

A family won lottery 3 times with same numbers

Tricia Johnson wasn't the only one playing the lottery with the same numbers on April 10. Johnson's son John also decided to play the lottery on the same day with the same numbers that had hit the jackpot before. Thus, the total bonus of the family increased to 300 thousand dollars. "We just laughed and cried and hugged each other," said Tricia Johnson.

How the family has won three times with same number has went viral and shook everyone including the family. Some argue the authorities will act on it while others support the idea it is totally their right.