Feeling stuck in a relationship? This is when you should break up

Having relationship problems are really common and things can be out of control. Experts have shared their ideas.

Feeling stuck in a relationship? This is when you should break up
When to say no to relationship?

Relationships are hard, especially if you are married with kids. Having problems in your relationship does not only affect you but also affects your children as well. When this is the situation how will we know to draw the line in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones? Experts explained when to go.

Relationship problems are hard to solve

relationshipRelationship expert and matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson came on ITV's Lorraine to respond to queries from viewers. For the sake of their children, a viewer posed the question: Is it better to stay in a miserable marriage? Brunson emphatically responded, "No." This is a difficult decision because, although I understand the urge to stay in the marriage because you believe you are doing it for your children, most of the time it is not the best choice, he said.

Even if you do not want to say no to your toxic relationship for your child, children can usually feel what is wrong and get affected by it anyway. Your children will know if your marriage is miserable, I can almost promise it. Your child is learning to model their behavior after you and what they observe their parents doing, therefore there probably is conflict or there may be no emotion at all.