Ex-politician killed during live broadcast

We have seen many interesting things going on online yet internet still surprises us. Here are all the details.

Ex-politician killed during live broadcast
Former politician was killed during live broadcast

We have seen attacks to ex-politicians before but what happened in India was mind blowing. Last year ex-psident of Japan was attacked, breaking the news. Right now ex politician of Idia was attacked during live broadcast and killed. Former politician in India was attacked on live television yesterday. Atik Ahmed was killed while being taken to hospital in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh state.

Former politician in India got attacked during live broadcast

The three attackers, who came to the scene by motorcycle, approached Atik Ahmed and his brother, pretending to be journalists. The attackers killed the duo by shooting them in the head. Authorities announced that all three attackers were caught. "Everything happened within seconds," said police officer Ramit Sharma. The news shook everyone and went viral. 

The other day there was another attack in Japan to the former President as well. Seeing how things got complicated and scary really soon especially during live broadcast scared everyone.