Moon Explained: Scientists reveal what Moon consists inside

Scientists have recently revealed what Moon consists of. Here are all the details.

Moon Explained: Scientists reveal what Moon consists inside
What Moon has inside is revelaed

Space has always been a matter of curiosity for humankind. For centuries we wanted to understand about other planets and stars. Moon, especially has been a study subject for scientists. As technology develops, our understanding of Moon also widens. Recently scientists were able to clarify what Moon consists inside.

Scientists revealed what Moon consists inside

We have more understanding about the Moon now

Similar to Earth, Moon has a solid ball with a density. More research is needed, but every step gets us closer to understand more about other planets.  "Our results," writes a team led by astronomer Arthur Briaud of the French National Centre for Scientific Research in France, "question the evolution of the Moon magnetic field thanks to its demonstration of the existence of the inner core and support a global mantle overturn scenario that brings substantial insights on the timeline of the lunar bombardment in the first billion years of the Solar System."

To sort it out for the last time, the team gathered information from space missions and lunar laser going tests to incorporate a profile of different lunar qualities. These incorporate the level of its misshapening by its gravitational association with Earth, the variety in its separation from Earth, and its thickness.