Pentagon on UFOs: They violate the laws of physics

Scientists from Harvard and the Pentagon claim that "highly maneuverable" UFOs seem to defy physics.

Pentagon on UFOs: They violate the laws of physics
UFOs have been seen in various areas of the world

UFO images seen in different countries recently aroused serious curiosity. Space has always been a subject of curiosity for humanity and this curiosity is increasing day by day. The Pentagon has now made some surprising statements about UFOs.

Sean Kirpatrick, Director of the Pentagon's Office of Anomaly Resolution in All Fields, and Avi Loeb, Head of the Department of Astrophysics at Harvard University have shared what they think about recent UFOs.

UFOs have been seen all over the world recently

Pentagon has shared their ideas on UFOs

Publishing their findings in an article that has not yet been approved by the referee, the duo determined that the images of these objects violate the laws of physics.  Kirpatrick and Loeb studied the frictional force that must exist between a fast-moving UFO and its surrounding air and water.

As can be seen in videos recorded by Navy pilots, these UFOs were very "maneuverable". That's exactly why the friction force had to create a visible "bright ball of fire," according to the duo. However, no such reflection was seen in any of the videos. These comments have created much more interest in those objects in a sense that is there much more else in universe than we know of?