Sexual blackmail increased in the last years

Reports show that Instagram and Snapchat is highly used when it comes to sexual blackmailing people. Here are all the details.

Sexual blackmail increased in the last years
Nudes blackmailing has increased a lot

Australian authorities announced that incidents of sexual blackmailing internet users with nude images tripled in the first quarter of 2023. The reason why it has become so common is that ever since coronavirus happened many things changed, including how we live. Many people started to stay in house and live a digital life. On top of that OnlyFans also became really popular, changing our moral understanding and everything.

Sexual blackmailing has increased

Sexual blackmail increased in the last years

In the new report published by the eSafety Commissioner unit responsible for the security of citizens on the internet, it was reported that such blackmail activities mostly target young men.

Accordingly, cybercriminals demand sexual images from their victims, especially young men, in order to blackmail them. These images are then used to force users into sexual activities or ask them for money.

It was reported that the most reports sent to the institution were related to Instagram and Snapchat. This means that cybercriminals use these two platforms the most for blackmail, at least in Australia. Authorities said "There are fake accounts run by organized crime groups that want to blackmail that user after posting sexual images. This is big risk."