Worshiping robots spark controversy: Is Matrix becoming real?

Hindus worry that robots conducting rituals will eventually replace worshipers because robots are spiritually incorruptible.

Worshiping robots spark controversy: Is Matrix becoming real?
Worshipping robots are a whole new concern now

Artificial intelligence is adapting to our lives more and more day by day. Artificial intelligence, which has started to appear in all areas of daily life, is a new threat to humanity according to some. AI which even takes on people's professions, can take some business areas from people. This is the material aspect of the situation whereas there is now also a spiritual one. 

Robot arms produced by a technology company in India in 2017 perform the "aarti" ritual in Hinduism on behalf of believers. In the ritual symbolizing the destruction of darkness, a candle is lit in front of an elephant-headed god figurine called Ganesha. 

AI has started to do spiritual worshipping

Robots have started spiritual worshipping

This has given rise to new concerns. While robots and automation are no stranger to South Asian culture, some Hindus and Buddhists are worried about a robot-led future. The decline in the number of young people among members of many religions is the main source of concern. Since robots are spiritually incorruptible, the situation has become a concern. 

There are concerns that robots performing rituals flawlessly may result in robots replacing believers. In such a scenario, would it be possible for robots to attack humanity for the sake of their beliefs? Tell us what you think in the comments section.