TikTok to pay $6 million to content creators

TikTok has created a $6 million fund for content creators who will use these popular AR effects. Here are all the details.

TikTok to pay $6 million to content creators
TikTok to create a new fund for its creators

TikTok has been stepping up its payment for content creators. The application has announced a new fund for some creators who use specific kinds of AR. The fund will initially only be accessible in a select few nations. TechCrunch was informed by TikTok that the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain are the territories that are eligible. 

TikTok has announced its new fund

TikTok to pay $6 million to content creators

$6 million fund will be given to some content creators who use some special kind of AR. For the present, makers will acquire $700 for each content.  In spite of the fact that TikTok has different projects intended to compensate makers, for example, the $1 billion maker reserve, the people who are causing content for the stage to have whined about low payouts. Hank Green estimated that he was making approximately 2.5 cents for every 1,000 TikTok views at the beginning of the year.

Ever since the application was launched it basically outperformed every application that is there. Short video format became so popular that even YouTube and Instagram have integrated their own version.