Twitter is going through quite a tough economic period!

Despite implementing cost-saving measures that grabbed attention after being purchased by Elon Musk, Twitter is nevertheless navigating a difficult time.

Twitter is going through quite a tough economic period!

In a surprising Saturday tweet, billionaire and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, confessed that the social media giant is struggling with ongoing negative cash flow issues. This candid acknowledgment gives us a glimpse into Twitter's continued financial struggles, as its expenses seem to exceed its revenue. Musk suggested that the issues stem from a drastic drop in advertising revenue, around 50%, compounded by a significant debt burden Twitter has accumulated.

Musk’s tweet comes at a critical time, corresponding with the start of Twitter’s ad-revenue sharing initiative, which compensates some content creators, including some contentious far-right influencers. The plan, conceived to boost user engagement and draw in advertisers, has been met with a mixed response from the public.

Twitter is going through quite a tough economic period!

Despite these hurdles, Musk appears positive about Twitter's future. He projected that Twitter could see an “all-time high device user seconds usage” in the upcoming week, hinting at a robust user base. He also highlighted that many advertisers who had initially left the platform following his takeover in October have either returned or shown intentions to do so, indicating a possible revival of advertiser interest.

Nevertheless, Twitter's financial situation isn't entirely optimistic, as indicated by the data. Sensor Tower, a research firm, has estimated that advertising spending on Twitter dropped by a shocking 89% to a mere $7.6 million over two months earlier this year. The significant annual interest payments of around $1.5 billion, resulting from the debt Twitter accumulated when Musk privatized the company for $44 billion, further intensifies the financial stress.

Faced with these challenges, Twitter's recently appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino, has her work cut out for her. She has the daunting task of rebuilding Twitter's advertising base and directing the company towards positive cash flow. In the coming months, her leadership and strategic decisions will be under intense scrutiny as the company seeks to navigate its financial predicament.