Twitter seems to be oddly succeeding

Despite all the recent controversial moves made by Elon Musk that have thrust Twitter into the limelight, the platform displays quite a commendable performance.

Twitter seems to be oddly succeeding

Elon Musk, globally recognized as the wealthiest individual and chief executive of X, which is the new incarnation of Twitter, disclosed that the social media platform's user count has soared to a record high, exceeding 540 million. This announcement is significant as it comes during a period when the organization is implementing changes and strategizing to amplify its advertising revenue, which has suffered a dip recently. The promising increase in users brings a renewed optimism for X, more so in the face of competition from Meta Platforms' Threads, which was launched on July 5 as a direct competitor.

In October, Musk made headlines with his acquisition of Twitter for a whopping $44 billion, subsequently merging it with X Corp, established in March, as a fully-owned subsidiary of X Holdings Corp. His ambitious plan for X is to transform it into an "everything app," much akin to China's famous WeChat. This transformation has led to the rebranding of Twitter to X, replacing the renowned blue bird symbol with the X logo.

Twitter seems to be oddly succeeding

Musk's recent declaration augments a string of positive announcements from X's top brass about the platform's growth in usage, despite the looming threat of Threads. A tangible sign of this transformation is the enormous X emblem that now graces the building that used to be Twitter's San Francisco headquarters.

X is poised to leverage the surge in its user base and further evolve under Musk's stewardship, thereby solidifying its standing in the social media realm. Amidst the rebranding and organizational revamp, all attention is on X's potential strategies to combat competition, boost ad revenue, and roll out innovative features to cater to its extensive user community.

Musk's penchant for the letter 'X' is well-known, and it is clearly manifested in his business ventures. It started with naming his child 'X', followed by the co-founding of, an online bank that eventually transformed into PayPal. His nostalgia led him to reacquire the domain from PayPal in 2017. Now, the X moniker is deeply ingrained in his ventures, from Tesla's iconic electric car, Model X, to the rebranded Twitter, now called 'X.' The domain now redirects to Twitter, underscoring Musk's affinity for the letter. As he continues to shape his ventures with this signature 'X', it appears that Musk is leaving an indelible 'X' on the world.