Amazon to have another huge layoffs: The number is surprising

Huge layoffs in tech industry continue to take place. Amazon will have a huge layoff affecting many employees. Here are all the details.

Amazon to have another huge layoffs: The number is surprising
Amazon is having another huge layoff

Layoffs in the technology sector continue unabated. Many companies laid off thousands of workers to cut costs. The tradition of layoffs, including Twitter, still continues. After the layoffs of giant names such as Microsoft and Google, Amazon will now make a serious layoff.

Amazon will layoff 9,000 employees 

Amazon to have huge layoffs

Due to the famine and financial difficulties that followed the coronavirus, companies have seriously increased the issue of layoffs. In this context, cutting costs had become a necessity for technology giants, but unfortunately, it was the workers who were the worst affected by this situation. Amazon, which previously laid off many workers, will now lay off 9000 more. 

Possible expansion of Amazon's cutbacks. In a memo to employees, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced that the business would be eliminating another 9,000 positions in the "next few weeks." The message states that Twitch, advertising, and cloud computing divisions like Amazon Web Services will be mainly impacted by the cuts. The CEO also cautions that impacted employees won't be informed by Amazon until the final cuts have been made, which is unlikely to happen until mid- to late April. The company in January announced they would fire 18,000 workers.