ChatGPT has a Chinese rival now: The battle is serious

Ever since ChatGPT has entered our lives many things changed online and now the chatbox has a strong rival.

ChatGPT has a Chinese rival now: The battle is serious
ChatGPT has been getting bigger everyday

When ChatGPT came along, it brought a lot of discussion with it. Complaints have increased with those who claim that students will only use chatbox to do their homework, and those who write fake books. However ChatGPT has received serious attention and now has a serious competitor.The launch of a brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) company known as Project AI 2.0 has been announced by Lee Kai-fu, a well-known Chinese venture capitalist and former president of Google China.

ChatGPT has a strong Chinese rival now  

ChatGPT has a new rival

Lee wants to start a global tech company that focuses on building AI 2.0 platforms and productivity applications. Lee emphasized in a recent WeChat announcement that the company will provide more than just AI-generated graphics and texts, high-performance chatting tools, and a Chinese version of ChatGPT. Through AI 2.0, which he believes will be the most significant enabling technology to boost social productivity in the 21st century, Lee wants to rethink how users access and interact with interfaces. Otcompanies have started to develop their own chatgpt competitors. For example, Microsoft recently announced its work in this context.