Microsoft OneNote Update will recognise no competitors in security

A forthcoming update to Microsoft OneNote will offer defense against phishing attacks. Here are all the details

Microsoft OneNote Update will recognise no competitors in security
Microsoft OneNote update will offer security features

Security and privacy are now top priorities in the modern world. All apps are seeing increased sensitivity and are trying to offer more privacy and security features. Microsoft will also exceed expectations with the feature it will offer. new security features include content that protects users in every aspect.

Microsoft OneNote Update will Provide Protection at its best

Microsoft will offer security features

Microsoft plans to update OneNote in April to enhance its defense against well-known, high-risk phishing assaults. The action follows TrustWave's January revelation that hackers were using OneNote's file format to conduct email-based phishing attacks. OneNote attachments display a fuzzy thumbnail and a "View Document" button when users view them. After current attacks the company has rolled up their sleeves to offer maximum security features. A security alert notifies the user that opening the attachment may damage the computer and its data if the button is selected.

A WSF file in OneNote is run if the user selects OK despite the warning. Microsoft Windows Script Host makes use of WSF, or Windows Script File. The WSF file embedded in OneNote will then execute if the user decides to continue.