You can now do your payments with AR Glasses

Xiaomi's new patent for AR glasses will make it possible for people to do payments with their glasses.

You can now do your payments with AR Glasses
Xiaomi's AR glasses will be used for payment

AR glasses are now gaining another dimension. Now you can even pay with these reality glasses. A patent that Xiaomi is applying for could alter how we use augmented reality (AR) glasses.   While rumors about Apple's AR glasses continue, xiaomi has taken the ropes and made a move that will be a pioneer in the sector.

Xiaomi's AR glasses will get a whole new dimension

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Xiaomi's AR glassess will be used to do payments

The AR glasses that are able to recognize QR codes in order to make payments are the primary focus of the patent. The patent describes AR glasses with built-in payment features that scan the wearer's surroundings with an image capture device. The payee's QR code is then retrieved by the system from the captured image. The AR glasses communicate with the server with a payment command if the identity verification is successful. Following the command, the server processes the payment.

There are benefits of using this system. For example AR glasses' simplified payment process can save time, especially in crowded or busy areas. People with physical disabilities who might have trouble using traditional payment methods might find that this technology makes it easier to make payments.