Xiaomi Modena EV stands out with its features

Serious claims are being made about the electric car model Modena, developed by the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Modena EV stands out with its features

With the anticipated year-end launch of Xiaomi's electric vehicle, the Modena, a newly uncovered patent hints at the company's foray into enhanced safety features. This novel technology focuses on automatic crash detection and alerts to emergency contacts, marking a significant advancement in vehicle safety protocols.

The system detailed in the patent is a multi-modular approach to accident assessment. It begins with the Get module, which collects various vehicle status indicators — from battery and circuit failures to airbag deployment and wheel detachment. Following the data collection, the Determine module steps in to analyze these indicators and classify the severity of the accident into two levels.

Minor damages such as a cracked windshield or a damaged bumper are categorized under Level 1 accidents. When such an incident occurs, the system's protocol is to send a text message containing details of the accident to a pre-set emergency contact. On the other hand, Level 2 accidents indicate a more severe impact, including situations like vehicle rollovers, oil tank leaks, or a wheel detachment. In these grave instances, the system escalates the response by sending a notification message to the emergency contact and simultaneously placing an emergency call to the service center.

Xiaomi Modena EV stands out with its features

During an active emergency call, the system prioritizes the situation by rejecting all incoming calls, ensuring that the line remains open for the most critical communications. Once the call concludes, it enters a state of readiness for an emergency callback, during which calls from non-emergency contacts continue to be barred. This allows uninterrupted communication with emergency personnel.

A timer is initiated once coordination with emergency services begins, setting a defined period for rescue operations to commence. If this period elapses without rescue, the system makes a follow-up call to the emergency contact to ensure no delay in response.

The introduction of this advanced crash detection and emergency alert system in the Xiaomi Modena represents a leap forward in integrating automotive safety with smart technology. Alongside this, the Modena is expected to boast cutting-edge features like BYD LFP and CATL Qilin batteries, along with the performance capabilities of a Snapdragon 8295 processor, indicating Xiaomi's commitment to not just smart technology, but also safety and performance.