The sims 4 new update takes the game to the next step

EA and Maxis have released The Sims 4's latest update, Infants, for all platforms. With the update, players will be able to adopt a baby in the game and raise it as they wish.

The sims 4 new update takes the game to the next step
The Sims 4 new update is going live

The Sims 4 does not stand still! Just before the launch of the Growing Together expansion pack announced last month, a major update was released for the base game. With this update, called "Infants", players will be able to adopt a baby (infant) in the game, try the new "interaction" type of Science Baby, and customize their babies as they wish thanks to the Create-a-Sim (CAS) feature.

The latest update of The Sims 4, Infants, is live!

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The Sims 4 new update is live

With CAS, players will be able to choose the clothes they want from a huge wardrobe for their infants, change their hairstyles and most importantly, assign attributes that will affect their personality. Customizations will not be limited to these; Simmers will also be able to design their dream nursery with dozens of new furniture and materials so that their babies can sleep comfortably at night.

Just like in real life babies; will begin to develop the ability to express their needs, emotions and feelings. Family members of all ages will be able to contribute to the baby's personal development; caregivers will be able to discover new ways to care for and play with him through the Changing Station and Infant Playmat. The more the household interacts with the baby, the stronger the bond will be between them, and this will affect his ability to form healthy relationships throughout his life.

With the Growing Together expansion pack, which will be released on March 16, players will be able to experience Infants' gameplay mechanics in more detail thanks to the features included in the pack. The add-on will add a total of 18 discoverable Infant Quirks – three for each Sim – to the game, making each baby unique.