New reason for depression: Eating potato fries

New study suggests that eating potato fries might lead to depression. Here are all the details.

New reason for depression: Eating potato fries
Eating fried potatoes can make you depressed

Depression is a common problem in our world and there may be many reasons behind it, and now we have another reason which is eating fried potato. Scientists have found that fried foods are as harmful to mental health as they are to physical health.

Eating fried potatoes can lead to depression

potato fries

According to a study published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, data from more than 140,000 people who consumed fried food for 11 years revealed a link between fried food consumption and anxiety disorder and depression.  Studies have shown that eating french fries increases the risk of anxiety disorder by 12 percent and the risk of depression by 7 percent.

The researchers put forward the thesis that the results obtained may be related to a chemical called acrylamide that occurs during the frying process. Depression is really common in our modern world and many people suffer from it. Adding one more reason to depression problem can be problematic for people. Fried foods are not good for body and it looks like they are not good for soul either. Diet is directly linked to how people feel.