Doctor shares number 1 diet to have a longer life

Living a healthy and a long life is a dream for everyone and your diet has huge affect. Here are all the details.

Doctor shares number 1 diet to have a longer life
Diet is directly connected to health

How we eat has a direct connection with our health and life span. Therefore a doctor shares number one diet to live a healthier and a longer life. Saying that he has been researching for 20 years how his diet will help beat his diseases and have a longer life, Dr. William Li shared the foods he consumed himself.

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Number one diet to live a longer life is revealed

Diet and health has direct connection


Dr. Li stated that he always eats a diet consisting of natural food and that most of his meals belong to Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. He said "An apple a day can keep the doctor away, three apples a day can take advantage of the oil on hand." He reminded that apples can be consumed as crumbs, added to salads and cooked for dessert.


It can also be good when you want something sweet to get that sweet tooth as well. When it comes to vegetables, broccoli is a strong one. The sulforaphane in broccoli works in stem cell, gut and metabolic health. Sulforaphane also strengthens immunity. Doctor suggests adding Asian cuisine to your diet as they are rich with lots of nutritions. Matcha tea as he says is known for its green color, this tea can be good for the effects of a high-fat diet on metabolism.