Caution for those updating to the latest iPhone version!

Many iPhone users are complaining about a few common issues after the iOS 17.1 update.

Caution for those updating to the latest iPhone version!

Apple's recent release of the iOS 17.1 update for eligible iPhones, intended to address existing issues, has inadvertently led to a new problem. This update, which was supposed to resolve a wireless charging issue specifically affecting BMW users, has now manifested a similar issue in vehicles under the General Motors (GM) brand.

Users of the iPhone who have updated to iOS 17.1 are encountering problems with wireless charging in GM vehicles. The issue presents as the phones ceasing to charge and freezing after a few seconds. Various troubleshooting methods, including restarting the phones, have been attempted by users, but to no avail. This issue is somewhat different from the one experienced in BMW models, where the NFC feature was also disrupted along with the charging issue. In GM vehicles, however, NFC technology remains unaffected.

Caution for those updating to the latest iPhone version!

The user experience is exemplified by a post from an iPhone 12 Pro Max owner, “caduceus26”, who noted that their phone worked perfectly in their ’23 Chevy Traverse until they upgraded to an iPhone 15 Pro Max about six weeks ago. The problem began after the upgrade: the phone would charge for a few seconds and then stop, regardless of whether a case was used. Despite being on iOS 17.1.1 and taking every update since purchasing the phone, the issue persists.

Some users have even taken their vehicles to service centers, suspecting a fault with their cars, but no vehicle-related issues were identified. Complaints have been made to Apple, but as of now, the company has not issued any statements regarding this matter. It is expected that a resolution to this problem will be included in the upcoming iOS 17.2 update.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by technology companies in ensuring that software updates improve user experience without introducing new problems.

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